How to Choose the Right Models for Your Fashion Brand

Have you thought about hiring models for your fashion brand? A fashion model is a valuable asset to any serious brand. Why?

There are several reasons. First, if you plan on using fashion photography to capture the spirit of your clothing line you’ll need trained professionals to produce the right look in the images. Second, models provide a visual context consumers can’t get from mannequins or images alone.

The question is, how can you choose the right fashion model to help brand your business in your next photo shoot?

How to Find the Right Fashion Model

Forget what you know your model should look like. Countless brands have switched gears from choosing the “traditional” model to one that resonates with their audience.

Plus size or curvy models are turning mainstream, and more consumers want to see themselves in your clothes, not someone who doesn’t look like them.  So, don’t be afraid to use a non-conventional model type in your fashion photography.

Another good tip is to think about what you want your brand to represent. Are you proud of your African-American roots and want to build up your community? Are you an advocate for LGBTQ rights? Do you want to perpetuate a family-friendly vibe?

Additionally, models have a wide array of different looks. From edgy to saucy to ethereal, describe how you want your fashion model to look in a way that speaks to your audience and represents your clothing line accurately.

No matter what type of model you end up going for, one thing they should all have in common is their personality. Models should be completely comfortable in front of the camera for their photo shoot and know correct posturing.

Summing it Up

Do some brainstorming about how you want your audience to think about your brand, and then seek out a fashion model that represents that in personality, look, and work to get the best results.