How to do the preparatory work before a Look Book photo shoot


As the most effective way to show a product, Look Book is an important part of every fashion brand that cannot be ignored. The preparatory work not only can save time during the actual shooting, but it also makes the shooting process orderly and avoids unnecessary mistakes such as missed shots, wrong shots, repeat shots, etc..

1. Check the quantity of garments to shoot

To determine the shooting time, the designer needs to estimate the number of shots, and determine the total shooting time based on this estimate. After the completion of the sample, be sure to check again, if there is any inconsistency with the estimated amount; be sure to inform the photographer immediately. On the day of the shooting, the photographer will adjust the shooting schedule. If the number of clothing is slightly more than expected, the photographer will try to speed up makeup and styling speed. If the quantity far more exceeds the estimate, it is advisable to extend the time of shooting to avoid not completing the shooting.

2. Check the size and quality of the samples

During shooting, one of the most disturbing problems you could encounter could be wrong clothing size or a problem with quality. We advise a thorough check of the products 3 days before the shooting. If these problems are discovered on the day of the shooting, it could affect the shooting progress, or even the final result.

3. Iron and organize the clothes

For an effective shooting, we advice the clothing be ironed and put in order in advance. On the day of the shooting, more attention should be given to the model, makeup, etc., and other factors for a great final outcome. In addition, the clothing should also be classified in advance. For example, if there are 5 tops to be paired with a pair of trousers, then the shooting for the set should be done together to avoid the model having to change clothes unnecessarily as this may extend the shooting time. 


如何做好Look Book 拍摄前的准备工作

Look Book 作为最有效的产品展示途径,是每个时尚品牌不容忽略的重要环节。做好Look Book 拍摄前的准备工作,不仅能节省拍摄时间,更能使拍摄进程有条不紊。避免漏拍、错拍、重复拍等不必要的失误。

1. 清点要拍摄的服装数量


2. 检查拍摄样品的尺寸和服装质量


3. 提前熨烫整理要拍摄的服装