How to use ordinary lookbook photos as creative social media posts

Text & Photo by: Yan Wang

Social networks play a vital role in today's brand marketing strategy. More and more brands use social networks to interact with customers to display their own brand culture. However, the speed and creativity of social media platforms also bring a lot of complications to brands. First, it requires a high number of pictures, updated at least 3-5 times a week. In addition, the content should be rich and creative. To do both, there is a certain degree of difficulty. Here we will introduce some tricks on how to turn your original look book photos into creative social media posts. This will not only help you achieve creative effects, but also save costs.

The following two pictures are from the Karigam look book photos:

Fashion Lookbook Photos

Technique 1: cut out a part of the whole picture and move the model to the left or right of the picture.

Creative Social Media Photos

Technique 2: Enlarge the picture to the details of the clothing, highlighting the clothing patterns and materials.

Clothing Detail Photo

Technique 3: cut the picture into half and adjust it to an appropriate angle. You can adjust the pictures' position on the screen according to the pictures' details. 

Social Media Creative Shots


By using the above techniques, the two look book photos have been transformed into creative social media photos. It will be drab and too formal if the original images were directly used on social media. With these techniques, money will be saved as you can use one set of photos for multiple purposes.

Below is a screenshot of the final effect of the display on Instagram. Adjusting the images and eliminating the image drab standardization feel makes it more suitable to the creative freedom of the social media. 

Social Media Screen Shot

如何将平凡的look book photos用作有创意的social media posts

社交网络对于现今的品牌营销策略,起到至关重要的作用。越来越多的品牌,利用社交网络实现与客户的互动,展示自身品牌文化。然而社交网络的快捷性和创意性,也给不少品牌带来困扰。首先,其对于图片数量的要求较高,每周至少更新3-5次。另外,内容方面也要丰富,有创意。要想做到两者兼备,的确有一定难度。下面我们就来介绍一些小技巧,将品牌原有的look book photos,转变为富有创意的social media posts。 既达到创意效果,又节约成本。

下面两张是来自Karigam的look book photos:




运用以上几个技巧,两张标准的look book photos 就变成了三张创意感十足的social media photos. 如果直接将原图用于social media, 内容会比较单调,并显得太正式。经过这样的改变,不需要花费更多拍摄成本,却能制作出适用于social media的创意性图片。

下面这张截图就是展示在Instagram 上的最终效果。经过调整的创意视觉图片,破除了原本图片的标准化单调感,更贴合social media 的创新随意性。