Survival strategy for start-up brands

Text by: Yan Wang

As more nations of the world veer towards entrepreneurship as a means to generate income and also fight unemployment, the issue of sustainability in business has become of utmost importance. Starting a business is as important as thinking up ways to not only expand but grow beyond the level of the initial startup plan. It is no news that the survival rate of the start-up brand is not high. Most new businesses find it not only difficult to expand their delivery of product or services but also to survive competition by simply sticking to the initial blue print of the brand. In the fashion industry, brands that are just being launched face competition that is not only discouraging, but very fierce. Many designers have the unique gifts and talents, but because of the lack of market operating experience, they end up as failures. As a fashion creative studio, we have summed up the survival strategies of some newly established fashion brands from the perspective of visual marketing, which we hope will be helpful to designers and brands that are just entering the market. 


For those startups with limited time, man power and budget, using simple visual system strategy can be very effective. A customer is drawn by site layout and excellent pictures. Your site layout and pictures should only highlight your design and product, others should be kept simple. For example, use solid background colors, models should wear natural light makeup, website layout should be simple and clear, avoid a cluttered look etc.


This is extremely important for online retailer sites. A website with a professional look can attract customers to continue to browse and this to a large extent depends on the visual unity of the site. Each brand should have its own style, website design and pictures should be focused around the brand style. Avoid, spreading the tentacles of your business to also include products or services that are totally unrelated to your business except if of course you intend to provide them.


While ensuring visual unity, the appropriate innovation is also necessary for the fashion industry. At the point of innovation, it is suggested that the designer be cautious so as not to make a big change to the brand’s style. Every mature brand needs time and deposition. As a startup, success should be your main priority, however , if the innovation and change is too big, this could result to loss of regular customers and even lead to confusion and unclarity with regards to the image of the brand.

Starting a business or creating a brand is a marathon, not a sprint. Avoid exhausting your energy and finance in the early phase.  In the innovation phase, it is important to learn to properly distribute energy, gradually enrich the brand’s connotation and image, so as to achieve an enduring brand. Most importantly, study your market, know consumer trends and project business growth expectations.