New York Fashion Week – The hard work behind the show

Text & Photo by: Yan Wang

September is quite a busy season, with the New York fashion week coming to an end; I finally had time to sort the show pictures and to also write my blog. Fashion week for outsiders is quite a wonderful show, but for thedesigners, they have to come up with their own special skills, presented in line with the brand style, without losing the personal characteristics of the custom series. And for the industry, even with all the excitement, this is undoubtedly a huge challenge.

Jourdan Dunn NYFW Runway

Here to share with you my Saturday runway show "miserable" experience. There were two shows on this day on the same site (Skylight Clarkson Sq). The morning show went quite well. I had an assistance to help me carry work equipment, but he had other schedules and couldn't help for the second show.  So I was left to carry two cameras, 3 lenses, a flash, a tripod, not counting my wallet, keys and a series of personal items. After arriving at the venue and taking pictures of the front stage, back stage, the show and other various photo videos, my phone was officially out of power. As we all know, cell phones have become an indispensable part of our lives in this modern times, not being able to use my phone meant that, I couldn’t search for my way home, call Uber or send messages. I couldn’t even check the time!

I could only carry the heavy equipment; dragging my tired body in the direction I imagined was the subway station. Of course I was asking for directions while walking, the strange thing was the three people I asked all told me it was a short walk of about 5 blocks to the subway and there was no need for a taxi. In the end, I walked 10 blocks which at that time felt like 20 blocks before I finally saw the “beautiful” subway, I quickly rushed in and found myself a seat. 


Taoray Wang Runway Shot

Home at last! As I wrap up the events of the day in my head, I feel honoured and proud to be in the fashion industry. I realize that every year during the fashion week, there will always be a personal experience that will keep the event fresh in the memory for a long while. Maybe, for other staff this is nothing. After the spotlight dies off, looking back at this experience gives me the feeling of growth. Behind every great show, there is always a countless number of staff whose hard work made it so, from the designer, public relations, media, to model, makeup, photographer etc. It is the day and night effort of these people that makes it possible to have a wonderful show.



在这里跟大家分享一下我周六跑秀场的“悲惨”经历。这天有两场秀在同一个场地 (Skylight Clarkson Sq)。上午还好,有我的助理帮我一起扛设备,下午助理有事去不了。我一个人扛了两台相机,三个镜头,一个闪光灯,一个三脚架,这还不算上钱包钥匙等一系列个人物品。到了场地,拍完前台,后台,秀场等各种照片视频,这时手机很不争气地没电了。想必大家知道,在这个现代化时代,有手机你什么都不用担心,而没手机的下场就是,查不了回家线路,打不了Uber, 通不了电话,发不了短信,甚至看不了时间。