INSIDER IMPRESSIONS | Model Life Behind the Scenes with Jacqueline Sposito

Model Jacqueline Sposito from Major Model Management joined us on the couch to share her behind the scenes experiences in the modeling industry. 


- What it is like to go on casting calls in New York City.

- The experience of strutting down designer Michael Costello’s runway

- How-to prep your skin for fashion week

What other questions about the modeling industry have you always wanted to ask?

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Video Transcript

Today on Insider Impressions, we're sitting down with Jacqueline Sposito from Major Model Management, and she's going to share with us how models prepare for photo shoots on location or in the city. 

How did you get introduced into modeling? 

I'm part of Major Model Management in New York, and I've been modeling for about 8 months now I think. So yeah, I'm still relatively new. But I got into the industry when I was 16 years old is when I was first signed. I graduated high school when I was 16, so a little bit early. And I worked in fashion, just as an internship. So behind the scenes.  


Not as a model. And through working in fashion is how I ended up becoming a model. So yeah, kudos to that. 

A lot of transition. 

Definitely, 'cause it was like I went from being behind the scenes to then being a person that was the one trying on the clothing, is the one walking the runway. So it just completely like transformed everything that I like had learned beforehand.

What do you love about modeling in New York City? 

One thing I love about New York is like the atmosphere of the city. So I like love seeing the people and I love how there's so many people.  So for me, like shooting on location, like outside somewhere in New York City, I love that so much. I'm kind of one of those like adrenaline junkies. So like when people are like standing and watching and saying, "What's she doing?" And kind of taking pictures sometimes that's happened. I just like, it makes me want to do better and like it pushes me, and I really enjoy it. I love, like you know, that kind of like - it's just different than being like in a studio. Like studios are fine, and they have good energy too - if you can listen to music, you can get pumped. But something for me like being outside anywhere in New York City, I don't care where it is. It could be in Brooklyn. But just like shooting outdoors or on location, what we call it. 

What is it like to attend castings?

It's fun, and it took some adjusting. When I first started out, I didn't realize that all models - that we wear black for it. I didn't realize that. So I was like attending castings, and I was wearing like pink and yellow. And I was like, "Why do I look so out of place here?" So I didn't realize that. But now it's, it's took some adjusting but I love it. It's just fine. And I feel like it's a really nice community, because it's like everyone there is kind of similar to you. We're all like striving for the same thing, and we all want the same thing. And everyone's tall and lanky, and being 18 it's awkward sometimes with other people. So it's super comfortable and it makes you kind of feel like another person I guess, just like everything. But it's amazing, it's busy, it's hectic, but it also depends on the time of the year. So during like Fashion Week, it's extremely busy. You've got like a ton a castings per day, and some are like really long lines where you have to wait with a bunch of other girls. And that is not always the most fun. But then, other times like summer months, it's like you'll have like 1 or 2 a day or maybe just 2 a week. So you just don't know which is varies. 

What has been the highlight of your career so far? 

Yeah I've done, well I think my all-time favorite show was walking for Michael Costello. It was probably one of the biggest shows I've done, with a lot of like celebrities in the audience -which kinda freaked me out. It was like, don't trip. But that was absolutely amazing, it was one of my best, absolute favorite experiences. And it was in like, in summer, and like from the check in - for like, you feel so profession, and you're like, "I'm here at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week." And then when you go backstage with like the top make-up artists and hair stylists. And it was just incredible. And then the clothing - amazing. And so that was like my all-time favorite, like everything was just so professional and so fun. And the runway was gorgeous. It was so long. And it really gave you like time to kind of like express yourself, and everyone had like their own moment. So you really feel like an individual, not where it's just like a really small runway when you're just kind of like running down. But that was for sure one of my favorites. 

What destinations have you been to for photo shoots? 

Because I'm like a New York model, a lot of my photo shoots are like, take place in the city or Brooklyn. So around the New York area, however I did go down to Miami, and I did a photo shoot down there. And that was amazing, it was like incredible. Beautiful leather, and we shot at this really gorgeous mansion like with like there was a pool. It was, I was like, "Oh my God, I feel like a superstar right now." So that was like by far the most memorable experience, and it was something I'll remember forever. So that was my favorite so far I would say. 

What tips do you have for preparing for shoots?

I think in general it's always important just to like, if you're doing shoots often, just always be on like your A game. And I would say just always be clean, like very - I like simplistic stuff, so like I wear things that are more like basic black and whites. And I would say just like, always make sure like your skin's moisturized and your hair is washed, and you take care of your nails and do little face masks. That's extremely helpful. I always try do like a nice moisturizing one in the winter. And in the summer, I only get like a little less moisturizing, but still like really rich in vitamins and stuff. And yeah, and I would say get a haircut religiously. That way for any shoot that you're doing in the city, like I always - I have really long hair, so I always have to make sure every few months I have to go get it trimmed to keep it looking healthy. But I think you ultimately just always want to look your best. Just keep it clean, I would say keep it simple, and just be the best version of yourself that you can be. 

Thanks Jacqueline for coming and giving us a really good insider look on how models prepare for photo shoots. 

Nice, thank you guys so much for having me, and I hope I gave an inside view as to how models get Fashion Week Ready.  

You definitely did, thank you so much. 


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