How to Choose the Right Models for Your Fashion Brand

Have you thought about hiring models for your fashion brand? A fashion model is a valuable asset to any serious brand. Why?

There are several reasons. First, if you plan on using fashion photography to capture the spirit of your clothing line you’ll need trained professionals to produce the right look in the images. Second, models provide a visual context consumers can’t get from mannequins or images alone.

The question is, how can you choose the right fashion model to help brand your business in your next photo shoot?

How to Find the Right Fashion Model

Forget what you know your model should look like. Countless brands have switched gears from choosing the “traditional” model to one that resonates with their audience.

Plus size or curvy models are turning mainstream, and more consumers want to see themselves in your clothes, not someone who doesn’t look like them.  So, don’t be afraid to use a non-conventional model type in your fashion photography.

Another good tip is to think about what you want your brand to represent. Are you proud of your African-American roots and want to build up your community? Are you an advocate for LGBTQ rights? Do you want to perpetuate a family-friendly vibe?

Additionally, models have a wide array of different looks. From edgy to saucy to ethereal, describe how you want your fashion model to look in a way that speaks to your audience and represents your clothing line accurately.

No matter what type of model you end up going for, one thing they should all have in common is their personality. Models should be completely comfortable in front of the camera for their photo shoot and know correct posturing.

Summing it Up

Do some brainstorming about how you want your audience to think about your brand, and then seek out a fashion model that represents that in personality, look, and work to get the best results. 


How to Arrange a Successful Fashion Photo Shoot

All good things come to those who wait. Except for a professional photographer who makes stuff happen.

Creating a successful fashion photo shoot, for example, requires a lot of planning and involves tons of moving parts. Yet, what makes the difference between success and failure is often the smallest of details. Fashion photographers get this.

Before you set off to start snapping photos or video of your next fashion-themed subject, consider our brief ‘how to’ overview to make sure it’s a true success.

All good things come to those who wait. Except for a professional photographer who makes stuff happen.

Creating a successful fashion photo shoot, for example, requires a lot of planning and involves tons of moving parts. Yet, what makes the difference between success and failure is often the smallest of details. Fashion photographers get this.

Before you set off to start snapping photos or video of your next fashion-themed subject, consider our brief ‘how to’ overview to make sure it’s a true success.

Start with Your Theme

Nothing can come of your photo shoot without you first selecting a theme. Everything from the model’s makeup to the scenery you shoot her in make a difference. Your theme can literally be anything, from roller-skating car hops to an enchanted forest—it doesn’t matter. Before your fashion photo shoot, it’s your job to make sure all the tiny details come together.

Line Up Your Equipment

You don’t always need tons of lighting equipment and 7 cameras to get the perfect picture. Often, it’s a matter of knowing what camera will create the look you’re after. Weeks before the shoot, get your equipment together.

Choose the Right Professionals

If you’re not a professional photographer, holding the perfect fashion shoot comes down to hiring the right people. Your photographer is often only as good as her crew, so familiarize yourself with the crew she’ll use and meet them, if you can, to ensure you’re all on the same page.

Staff will include makeup artists, lighting and set designers, hairstylists, models, and supervisors. If you can’t be there on the day of the shoot, send a manager who can tweak it to guarantee it aligns with your vision.

Planning is the key to a successful fashion photo shoot, closely followed with a competent crew on your side. Having both is the perfect recipe to a positive outcome for all. 

How to do the preparatory work before a Look Book photo shoot


As the most effective way to show a product, Look Book is an important part of every fashion brand that cannot be ignored. The preparatory work not only can save time during the actual shooting, but it also makes the shooting process orderly and avoids unnecessary mistakes such as missed shots, wrong shots, repeat shots, etc..

1. Check the quantity of garments to shoot

To determine the shooting time, the designer needs to estimate the number of shots, and determine the total shooting time based on this estimate. After the completion of the sample, be sure to check again, if there is any inconsistency with the estimated amount; be sure to inform the photographer immediately. On the day of the shooting, the photographer will adjust the shooting schedule. If the number of clothing is slightly more than expected, the photographer will try to speed up makeup and styling speed. If the quantity far more exceeds the estimate, it is advisable to extend the time of shooting to avoid not completing the shooting.

2. Check the size and quality of the samples

During shooting, one of the most disturbing problems you could encounter could be wrong clothing size or a problem with quality. We advise a thorough check of the products 3 days before the shooting. If these problems are discovered on the day of the shooting, it could affect the shooting progress, or even the final result.

3. Iron and organize the clothes

For an effective shooting, we advice the clothing be ironed and put in order in advance. On the day of the shooting, more attention should be given to the model, makeup, etc., and other factors for a great final outcome. In addition, the clothing should also be classified in advance. For example, if there are 5 tops to be paired with a pair of trousers, then the shooting for the set should be done together to avoid the model having to change clothes unnecessarily as this may extend the shooting time. 


如何做好Look Book 拍摄前的准备工作

Look Book 作为最有效的产品展示途径,是每个时尚品牌不容忽略的重要环节。做好Look Book 拍摄前的准备工作,不仅能节省拍摄时间,更能使拍摄进程有条不紊。避免漏拍、错拍、重复拍等不必要的失误。

1. 清点要拍摄的服装数量


2. 检查拍摄样品的尺寸和服装质量


3. 提前熨烫整理要拍摄的服装


How to use ordinary lookbook photos as creative social media posts

Text & Photo by: Yan Wang

Social networks play a vital role in today's brand marketing strategy. More and more brands use social networks to interact with customers to display their own brand culture. However, the speed and creativity of social media platforms also bring a lot of complications to brands. First, it requires a high number of pictures, updated at least 3-5 times a week. In addition, the content should be rich and creative. To do both, there is a certain degree of difficulty. Here we will introduce some tricks on how to turn your original look book photos into creative social media posts. This will not only help you achieve creative effects, but also save costs.

The following two pictures are from the Karigam look book photos:

Fashion Lookbook Photos

Technique 1: cut out a part of the whole picture and move the model to the left or right of the picture.

Creative Social Media Photos

Technique 2: Enlarge the picture to the details of the clothing, highlighting the clothing patterns and materials.

Clothing Detail Photo

Technique 3: cut the picture into half and adjust it to an appropriate angle. You can adjust the pictures' position on the screen according to the pictures' details. 

Social Media Creative Shots


By using the above techniques, the two look book photos have been transformed into creative social media photos. It will be drab and too formal if the original images were directly used on social media. With these techniques, money will be saved as you can use one set of photos for multiple purposes.

Below is a screenshot of the final effect of the display on Instagram. Adjusting the images and eliminating the image drab standardization feel makes it more suitable to the creative freedom of the social media. 

Social Media Screen Shot

如何将平凡的look book photos用作有创意的social media posts

社交网络对于现今的品牌营销策略,起到至关重要的作用。越来越多的品牌,利用社交网络实现与客户的互动,展示自身品牌文化。然而社交网络的快捷性和创意性,也给不少品牌带来困扰。首先,其对于图片数量的要求较高,每周至少更新3-5次。另外,内容方面也要丰富,有创意。要想做到两者兼备,的确有一定难度。下面我们就来介绍一些小技巧,将品牌原有的look book photos,转变为富有创意的social media posts。 既达到创意效果,又节约成本。

下面两张是来自Karigam的look book photos:




运用以上几个技巧,两张标准的look book photos 就变成了三张创意感十足的social media photos. 如果直接将原图用于social media, 内容会比较单调,并显得太正式。经过这样的改变,不需要花费更多拍摄成本,却能制作出适用于social media的创意性图片。

下面这张截图就是展示在Instagram 上的最终效果。经过调整的创意视觉图片,破除了原本图片的标准化单调感,更贴合social media 的创新随意性。

Survival strategy for start-up brands

Text by: Yan Wang

As more nations of the world veer towards entrepreneurship as a means to generate income and also fight unemployment, the issue of sustainability in business has become of utmost importance. Starting a business is as important as thinking up ways to not only expand but grow beyond the level of the initial startup plan. It is no news that the survival rate of the start-up brand is not high. Most new businesses find it not only difficult to expand their delivery of product or services but also to survive competition by simply sticking to the initial blue print of the brand. In the fashion industry, brands that are just being launched face competition that is not only discouraging, but very fierce. Many designers have the unique gifts and talents, but because of the lack of market operating experience, they end up as failures. As a fashion creative studio, we have summed up the survival strategies of some newly established fashion brands from the perspective of visual marketing, which we hope will be helpful to designers and brands that are just entering the market. 


For those startups with limited time, man power and budget, using simple visual system strategy can be very effective. A customer is drawn by site layout and excellent pictures. Your site layout and pictures should only highlight your design and product, others should be kept simple. For example, use solid background colors, models should wear natural light makeup, website layout should be simple and clear, avoid a cluttered look etc.


This is extremely important for online retailer sites. A website with a professional look can attract customers to continue to browse and this to a large extent depends on the visual unity of the site. Each brand should have its own style, website design and pictures should be focused around the brand style. Avoid, spreading the tentacles of your business to also include products or services that are totally unrelated to your business except if of course you intend to provide them.


While ensuring visual unity, the appropriate innovation is also necessary for the fashion industry. At the point of innovation, it is suggested that the designer be cautious so as not to make a big change to the brand’s style. Every mature brand needs time and deposition. As a startup, success should be your main priority, however , if the innovation and change is too big, this could result to loss of regular customers and even lead to confusion and unclarity with regards to the image of the brand.

Starting a business or creating a brand is a marathon, not a sprint. Avoid exhausting your energy and finance in the early phase.  In the innovation phase, it is important to learn to properly distribute energy, gradually enrich the brand’s connotation and image, so as to achieve an enduring brand. Most importantly, study your market, know consumer trends and project business growth expectations. 










New York Fashion Week – The hard work behind the show

Text & Photo by: Yan Wang

September is quite a busy season, with the New York fashion week coming to an end; I finally had time to sort the show pictures and to also write my blog. Fashion week for outsiders is quite a wonderful show, but for thedesigners, they have to come up with their own special skills, presented in line with the brand style, without losing the personal characteristics of the custom series. And for the industry, even with all the excitement, this is undoubtedly a huge challenge.

Jourdan Dunn NYFW Runway

Here to share with you my Saturday runway show "miserable" experience. There were two shows on this day on the same site (Skylight Clarkson Sq). The morning show went quite well. I had an assistance to help me carry work equipment, but he had other schedules and couldn't help for the second show.  So I was left to carry two cameras, 3 lenses, a flash, a tripod, not counting my wallet, keys and a series of personal items. After arriving at the venue and taking pictures of the front stage, back stage, the show and other various photo videos, my phone was officially out of power. As we all know, cell phones have become an indispensable part of our lives in this modern times, not being able to use my phone meant that, I couldn’t search for my way home, call Uber or send messages. I couldn’t even check the time!

I could only carry the heavy equipment; dragging my tired body in the direction I imagined was the subway station. Of course I was asking for directions while walking, the strange thing was the three people I asked all told me it was a short walk of about 5 blocks to the subway and there was no need for a taxi. In the end, I walked 10 blocks which at that time felt like 20 blocks before I finally saw the “beautiful” subway, I quickly rushed in and found myself a seat. 


Taoray Wang Runway Shot

Home at last! As I wrap up the events of the day in my head, I feel honoured and proud to be in the fashion industry. I realize that every year during the fashion week, there will always be a personal experience that will keep the event fresh in the memory for a long while. Maybe, for other staff this is nothing. After the spotlight dies off, looking back at this experience gives me the feeling of growth. Behind every great show, there is always a countless number of staff whose hard work made it so, from the designer, public relations, media, to model, makeup, photographer etc. It is the day and night effort of these people that makes it possible to have a wonderful show.



在这里跟大家分享一下我周六跑秀场的“悲惨”经历。这天有两场秀在同一个场地 (Skylight Clarkson Sq)。上午还好,有我的助理帮我一起扛设备,下午助理有事去不了。我一个人扛了两台相机,三个镜头,一个闪光灯,一个三脚架,这还不算上钱包钥匙等一系列个人物品。到了场地,拍完前台,后台,秀场等各种照片视频,这时手机很不争气地没电了。想必大家知道,在这个现代化时代,有手机你什么都不用担心,而没手机的下场就是,查不了回家线路,打不了Uber, 通不了电话,发不了短信,甚至看不了时间。



XYZ Impression Collabs with Bartaile and Of Mercer for Women #GOINGPLACES

Written by: Nanda R.

Photo by: Nanda R, Yan W.

What a great event XYZ was able to be apart of this past Thursday evening. One of the greatest parts of being at any event, is contributing to it! XYZ has had the absolute honor to meet a bunch of strong, ambitious women who juggle their lives and their bags!


It is our pleasure to introduce you to the two women behind this leading pack of entrepreneurs, business women, attorneys, directors, athletes and bloggers rocking these fairly new products! Their names are Amina Belouizdad and Felicia Snyder, co-founders of Bartaile

Bartaile is a freshly new company born from the struggles of these traveling colleagues. After talking to Amina, seems like they’ve done it all after their undergrad, moving to 12 cities on three continents in the past six years, having a professional job all day, they have lugged all their belongings with them. Inconvenience would be an understatement for these ladies. We would assume all in good memory, all in good comfort? ...Wrong! As these two ladies decided to do their MBA and become students again, fashionable and functionality were all they truly wished for in a bag. They stepped in to fill the market gap.

The idea of Bartaile kept brewing, as they came up with a three-in-one polished tote backpack and messenger including a paddled laptop sleeve, a micro-fleece glasses pouch, key ring, and charger compartment. Did we mention water repellent leather too? Their new line this season comes in eight chic colors wine, camel, green, blue, black and more.

What these ladies did for this event built a firm stance for what they believe in the theme #GOINGPLACES. Calling all professional women always on the move and never stationary, Amina and Felicia have created the bag you've been waiting for.

Their wishes came to life after launching this line at the event that allowed women to take professional LinkedIn photos by XYZ IMPRESSION. Thanks ladies! Wishing you success on your future endeavors! 

You got the move - you got the Fashion Week groove?

Orange is the new black was so last season, as the sun kicks in this summer it’s time for the perky colors to dazzle your wardrobe. It’s a sexy combination of the all-time adored jammies and sweatpants to walk the streets in style. Adidas’s new trendy black smacked will make sure you make that style statement! Put on your favorite pair of sneakers and get involved!

These new Adidas street sweats are ones that will get heads turning. Late for work and you got five minutes to get dressed? Too lazy to change but you want to hit the bar? All you need to look fabulous while keeping it simple is to slip into a pair of these. Be it day or night these over sized polka dots do make an impression.

Well and did I forget to mention, its almost Fashion Week season again! How frustrating is it to work those long night shifts in your tight formal skirts? Or a pair of denims for all day …? On no!

I know you want to keep it real and trendy still be that one who is the center of attention- take my word all you need is 5 Fashion Week Energizers!

1. That petite bottle of Channel No.5

2. The Adidas black smacked

3. That comfortable pair of sneakers

4. A fully charged portable charger!

5. A bar of chocolat 

How-To Create A Look Book | INSIDER IMPRESSIONS with Melissa Hall

Melissa Hall founder of The Emerging Designer joined us on the couch to share her expertise on creating a look book.  With Fashion Week and trade show season quickly approaching, this advice is more than timely.  In this episode we are getting into the details of developing your look book, so that you can have a thorough survival guide for this upcoming season. 


0:28 | What is a look book?

0:38 | What are the key elements of a look book?

1:13 | What are the five steps to creating a look book?

2:30 | What are the biggest mistakes often made by designers?

What questions do you have about how to create a look book? 

Share your voice in the comments below!

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