About Us

XYZ IMPRESSION is a premier New York based creative studio providing fashion photography, videography, and marketing services. We aim to provide the best value with our services to fashion beauty brands, designers, shops, models and bloggers. We believe in not only good content, but marketable content.  We go beyond creating professional photos and videos by helping our clients gain more exposure with their content.

Consulting: Before each project, we consult with you to fully understand your marketing goal for the project, company, or brand.  We will help you strategize the execution of your creative vision based on your marketing goal.

Execution: We have a strong belief in effective teamwork for a flawless execution.  With our extensive experience in testing and working with talented professionals in the industry, we can customize and build a strong team specific to a project.

Exposure: Our new clients often have great marketing materials, but little to no exposure.  We utilize our network and resources to coordinate promotional channels for our clients to gain exposure and increase website traffic. 

Contact Info
470 7th Ave #410, New York 10018